Bnp Bali is the best contractor in Bali who has been trusted to work on various types of construction ranging from houses, villas, offices to various types of heavy steel construction.

Our Project

Minimalist & Second Floor House

Several projects that have been completed by Bnp Bali, one of which is a minimalist house in a buduk

Coffee Shop Renovation

Bnp Bali also builds renovation services. We have experience in renovating various types of buildings, one of which is a coffee shop.

WF Construction - Tulamben

Until now, Bnp Bali has worked on various heavy steel construction projects, one of which is located in Tulamben, Karangasem.

Minimalist Villa in Dalung

we also have been working on the construction of several villas instance in Dalung, Badung.

House Interior & Kitchen Set

Bnp Bali has also been working on a variety of interiors houses, villas, offices and coffee shop.

Canopy Bali

We accept house exterior works such as canopy sunbrella, trimdek, alderon, glass, solartuff, and others.

Why Choose Bnp Bali ?


We have a professional and competent team in their fields so that you can complete your construction with the best quality

On Time Schedule

We are known as contractors who are always on time in completing various types of construction or renovation of buildings.

Our Location