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Bina Nusa Prima General Contractor


Experienced Since 2007 With Various Interior Design Projects in Bali.

An interior design affects our judgment, mood and personality. The direction of interior design is to improve user experience / user experience better in managing the existing space in the building starting from the role, art and psychology of the occupants in the room.

The interior design provides a series of artistically pleasing yet effective solutions for its occupants to make better use of the space.



We are a Balinese contractor who has 13 years of experience working on various types of buildings.


Every construction we do, we will provide a full 6 month warranty to ensure the quality of your building is maintained and sturdy.


We can realize your dream building with a budget that you can adjust without compromising the quality of our services.


A reliable and professional team can always help realize your building by providing their best services.


Before doing the construction, of course you need to do a consultation so that the building you want can be realized properly.


We always use quality materials in every development project we work on, in order to get maximum results.

We Always Ready

We are ready to survey your location first. You can consult your Interior Design with us BNP Bali! Design from you and from us. We are supported by a professional team from the design stage to production.

With ideas, creativity, experience and good teamwork, we are ready to help you realize various kinds of Interior Design with attractive materials with excellent quality. Of course according to your budget.


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Therefore, there will be a lot of work that will be helped if you involve the services of a contractor in terms of house construction. Entrust all the work to Bnp Bali. Because Bnp Bali is the best contractor service in Bali. In addition, we also serve the manufacture of interiors, kitchen sets bali, and installation of canopies at prices that can suit your budget.

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