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The Role of Architect Services in Cooperation at BNP Bali

Architects have a duty to design buildings in such a way. And by paying attention to the aesthetic value of the house without ignoring the wishes of the customer. Before making your home design in detail, usually the architect will ask how the house you want and how much budget you have. It has the aim that the architect can estimate the design of the house you want.

In addition to designing buildings through design. The architect will also estimate and coordinate the sketch that has been made with the construction design so that it can run in harmony. before entering the development stage. The architect will show you your house plan, interior design, facade view from above, side and 3D. If you feel it doesn’t match the design made by the architect, you can talk about it so that later the house is built according to your expectations.



We are a Balinese contractor who has 13 years of experience working on various types of buildings.


Every construction we do, we will provide a full 6 month warranty to ensure the quality of your building is maintained and sturdy.


We can realize your dream building with a budget that you can adjust without compromising the quality of our services.


A reliable and professional team can always help realize your building by providing their best services.


Before doing the construction, of course you need to do a consultation so that the building you want can be realized properly.


We always use quality materials in every development project we work on, in order to get maximum results.

Best and Quality Architect Services in Bali

Of course, by using the services of an architect you can save time in terms of calculating the construction of your home. In addition, homeowners will also get a detailed idea of how the house will be built. Starting from the outside of the house to the inside of the house complete with interior. Therefore, we recommend those of you who want to build a house to use the services of an architect at BNP Bali, because the architect team at this company has more than decades of experience and has worked on various types of villa projects, houses and other high-rise buildings in various areas. in Bali.

Architects at Bnp Bali also use modern technology that will make the picture of your house as close to the original as possible so you can see your house in real just by looking at the sketches made by our architects.


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You can also consult your construction plan so that it is according to your wishes. We serve surveys free of charge. We are supported by experienced Interior architects to design it as desired and the Production Department who will design and prepare the cabinet according to the agreed design.

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